Sustainably Sweet Recipe Book

For a final project in my Communication Design Fundamentals course, each student designed a recipe and submitted it to the class. We then decided on our own cookbook themes and altered all the recipes to fit with the themes of our books. I chose the theme of sustainable ingredient choices, and I included information in the book about approaches to green eating.

I chose bright colors and a somewhat playful title font to portray sustainable eating as an exciting and fresh life choice. The bright color scheme also complemented the photos of the desserts. To add to the appeal of sustainable eating, I also built up a theme of barns, cows, chickens, and natural scenes on the divider pages and some of the initial pages. These images convey that sustainable eating means helping the earth by eating food that is fresh, and in its more natural, unprocessed form.


Sole Contributor (independent project)


Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign


Communication Design Fundamentals


1 month