Moira Jane


Moira Jane is an entrepreneur who specializes in selling vintage clothing and collectibles. She has traditionally sold her wares on e-bay and in person at antique markets. When she wanted to test the market for her goods on, she approached me for some branding and design help, specifically for her Etsy banner.


I have known Moira Jane since we were both 4 years old, so I already had some idea of what the character of her brand should be. Moira Jane is into the rockabilly / pinup genre so I chose to design around a photo of a rockabilly lady, who looks quite like Moira Jane herself. I used this photo to determine the overall color scheme of the Moira Jane banner, which has a jaunty, drag racin’, bright-red lipstick kind of feel.


The banner conveys an old-fashioned, yet modern sensibility and is a seamless extension of Moira Jane’s brand.

Moira Jane business card
I created the original art (in Illustrator) that I used in this business card concept.


Since Moira Jane’s new banner went live, her Etsy sales increased 2100% (went from 0 to 21) in the span of a couple months. Etsy is a fairly saturated market, so this increase in sales is quite noteworthy.


Moira Jane


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