Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois


In preparation for the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, Blue Cross Blue Shield had to adjust its Blue Access for Members (BAM) portal to accommodate thousands of new members. Important features of the member portal, like accessing a proof of coverage letter needed to be streamlined to be more user-friendly, as well as automated so that new members would not flood BCBS with support calls.


I consulted with both business analysts and the design team to clarify requirements for the proof of coverage letter and a new feature that gives members access to a transcript of an initial health interview that they complete after enrollment. After requirements were clarified, I designed a series of wireframes that I iterated on based on feedback of the design- and business-analyst stakeholders.


I produced final wireframes that were used to roll out both the enhanced proof-of-coverage letter feature, and the new medfile (enrollment health interview) feature. Both of these features are now live on the Blue Access for Members portal.

View Proof of Coverage Wireframes (PDF)

View Medfile Wireframes (PDF)


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois


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