A post-CI beach photo shoot (Parede, Portugal).

Hi, I’m Claire.  I entered the MHCI program because it incorporates my love of design and my desire to improve people’s quality of life through technology.

My background and interests have prepared me well for a career in HCI. Before enrolling in Carnegie Mellon’s Master’s of Human-Computer Interaction program, I was an artist, communications professional, and educator. My art has been exhibited online and in galleries in Chicago and I’m very happy that the MHCI program allowed me to continue to use my creative energy. I also have experience in teaching and communications — and this helps me be a more empathic user tester and designer — and produce designs that address user needs.

When I’m not immersed in the research or design process, I have several interests to keep me busy. I love to paint, ride my bike, play with dogs, be in nature, try new foods, thrift shop, and I aspire to be the first stock-photo billionaire.

Feel free to contact me at claire.micklin (at) gmail.com to talk about how I can help your organization or company.